Special function cabin customization
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  • Deluxe cabin customization. According to the needs of guests, we provide customized services for different functions such as luxury cabin, first class and business class. Including customization of seats, entertainment systems, kitchen equipment, restrooms and more.

    Private cabin service is provided to ensure the privacy and security of guests. This includes the seating layout, the customization of sofas and beds, and the design of private bathrooms.

    Special features cabin customization. Provide some special functions, such as VIP lounge, massage service, children's entertainment facilities, etc., to provide guests with a more comfortable and pleasant travel experience.

    According to the needs of guests, we provide themed cabin services, such as business theme cabins, children theme cabins, etc., to provide guests with more special travel experience.

    Premium private living room customization. In short, special function cabin customization is a very personal and customized service item that can meet the needs and preferences of different guests. When selecting and formulating this service, it is necessary to understand the needs and preferences of guests in advance, and adjust and optimize according to the actual situation.

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