Push the focus clear frame work
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It is an important task to push coke to clear the frame of steel works, which directly affects the progress and quality of the entire steel production. In this live stream, we'll take a deeper look at the importance of this task and how it affects the entire steel production process.

First, we will introduce the basic concept and workflow of pushing the focus frame. In the process of steel production, coke pushing is an important link, which pushes coke out of the coke oven to facilitate the next step of processing and treatment. The quality of coke pushing is directly related to the quality and efficiency of the entire steel production.

In the process of coke pushing, it is necessary to clean the coke frame. This includes removing debris from places such as the stove head, door and hearth. These operations need to be very careful and careful to ensure that all equipment and tools are cleaned properly.

During the frame clearing process, you also need to pay attention to security issues. Because it is operated in a high temperature environment, professional operators are required to ensure that no accidents occur during the operation. In addition, on-site inspection and documentation is required after the clearing is completed to ensure that all equipment and tools are properly cleaned and cleaned.

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