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I. Company Profile:

Shandong Lanuo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015, is a set of design, production, research and development in one of the equipment manufacturing company, high-tech enterprises, Shandong Province specialized special new enterprises, military enterprises in Shandong Province, with independent intellectual property rights 32, strong research and development force, and many domestic first-line scientific research institutes to maintain long-term cooperative relations. The company is committed to building the world's advanced, domestic advanced smart factory planning, design, production.

Ii. Enterprise scale:

The company has 48 employees, 26 engineering and technical personnel, 11 designers, including 2 experts from the Shandong Province talent pool, 1 expert from the military talent pool, 3 senior engineers and 8 intermediate engineers. The company has a relatively complete production equipment and product testing means, the company has passed the ISO9001-2015 quality management system, ISO14001-2015 environmental management system and ISO45001-2018 occupational health and safety management system certification, international welding system certification. The company and Shandong Jianzhu University Mechanical and electrical College, Qilu University of Technology, established the industry-university-research cooperation base; Set up R&D and production base with CSIC 711 Institute; Set up R&D and production base with high-end equipment manufacturing Department of a major company design institute in China; Set up a joint R&D base for military products with Zhonglu Special Automobile.

Iii. Corporate Performance:

The design and production of Changfeng Cheetah Changsha high-end automobile base, the design and production of NIO Automobile manufacturing base, the design and production of Beijing Automobile Kunming new energy automobile manufacturing base, the design and production of Hefei Changan high-end automobile base, the design and production of Changjiang Automobile Guizhou base Production, design and production of Tianjin FAW high-end automobile base, design and production of Shanghai Tesla Gigafactory, safety protection system of 6# unit of Leyuan Thermal Power Plant of Starlight Group, noise reduction project of Xinhua Pharmaceutical Workshop 104, C18 unit project of China North Engine Group, Xinhua Printing VOC management project, VOC of Taikai Group Management project, Germany Schuler hot die forging high-end safety rolling shutter door project, Valin Group Xiangtan steel dry quenching project and 6 meters coke oven project, China Shipbuilding Research Institute on July 11 Hope cement noise reduction project, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics aerospace engine laboratory noise reduction, and foreign Pret Austria Linz directly signed the world's largest rolling mill protection project.

4. Quality assurance system

The company with flexible operating mechanism, high technical content of high-quality products and superior and convenient technical conditions, in a number of national key projects, the company's products with excellent quality, preferential prices, timely delivery and good after-sales service to win the trust and support of customers. In order to further improve quality management, improve product quality, and build a complete quality management system, the enterprise implements quality management according to GB/T19001-2008 "Quality Management System - Requirements", and strives to provide first-class products to the society and meet customer requirements.

Five, after-sales service:

After-sales service is an important part of the quality assurance system, so the company's special engineering department is responsible for after-sales service.

1, the establishment of user files: the company will establish user files for various projects to ensure that each batch of products have traceability, in order to query, visit users regularly, pay special attention to user feedback and evaluation, and constantly improve and improve service measures.

2, timely repair work: quality assurance period received user response product problems, whether it is caused by our company are actively assisted to solve. If there is a quality problem, the technical department of the company can give a reply within 4-8 hours, and assist in repairing or replacing defective goods or parts within 12 hours after receiving the notice. If on-site processing is required, our company will send technical service personnel to the scene within 24 hours to solve the problem, ensure the construction progress and improve the reputation of the enterprise.

3, regular user visits: the company carries out a return visit every year, and does not regularly tour user visits to strengthen the contact with users, often solicit users' opinions, and constantly improve product quality.

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